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General information

Jyväskylä Dance Institute organises high quality basic education in dance arts and provides dance classes for dancers in all age groups. Our dance studios are located in the heart of Jyväskylä and we offer a versatile selection of classes and styles of which you can choose the best ones to suit your taste, level, and schedule.

Jyväskylä Dance Institute’s curriculum follows the guidelines for basic education in the arts set by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Our dance school is a member of The Association of Dance Institutes in Finland (STOPP ry).

Registration for the academic year 2023-2023 is now open.

Autumn semester starts on Tuesday the 23th of August.

Dance Teaching


Timetable for spring season 2023 in english (pdf)


Fill an online enrolment on Hobiver to register for classes.

Important information

  • Registration for summer classes, dance camps, and short-term courses is done separately.
  • Participation in classes is only possibly after filling out an enrolment form.
  • By enrolling for classes one promises to adhere to the rules of conduct of the dance institute.
  • Students can be accepted for classes in the middle of semester in case there are available spots.
  • Always inform the office if you make any changes to your classes.
  • Email and text messages are used for communication and information sharing; please keep your contact details up to date.
  • If you are uncertain of which classes to choose, please call the office (on weekdays between 9am and 16pm). 

Trying out a class

New students can try out a class one time for free. Try-out classes require a normal registration via Hobiver. In case you do not want to continue the class, please cancel your participation via email after the trial. Try-out for free is not possibly during summer classes.

HOBIVER student administration system

  • At the time of registration the student and/or their guardian creates a Hobiver account.
  • A password must be created to sign in. Your email address will be the username. After the first registration, an email will be sent for finishing the signing up.
  • You can access your Hobiver account either by using a web browser or a mobile app.
  • You can check your classes and invoices as well as change your contact details on Hobiver.
  • Hobiver cannot be used to change your class schedule. Any changes are to be made via email.

Payment information

Tuition fees are paid twice in an academic year, in the beginning of autumn and spring semester.

Tuition fees for members of Jyväskylä Dance Association for the academic year 2022-2023 are presented in the table.

Class length1 class per week2 classes per week3 classes per week4 classes per weekover 4 classes per week
30 min120€    
45 min160€+105€+85€+60€ 
60 min190€+135€+115€+90€unlimited 555€
75 min220€+165€+145€unlimited 555€ 
90 min250€+195€unlimited 550€ 

Extra 40€ charge will be added on the price if the student is not a member of the association. Students can join the association at the time of registration. The member fee for one semester is 10€ and it will be added to the tuition fee.

If a student attends classes of varying length, longer classes will be charged first.

Example: Student (member) attends three classes a week: 75 min +60 min + 45 min. Prices 220€ + 135€ + 85€ = 440€ (non-member 560€)

Unlimited dance pass includes an unlimited number of classes within a semester. Classes under unlimited pass cannot be substituted in the following semester. Unlimited pass for members 555€, non-members 650€.

Intensive education group (EK) passes

EK-passes are for students that have been selected for special training groups EK and VEK. In addition to dance classes the pass fee includes performances, choreography training, dance knowledge studies and EK-camp. The pass will be charged according to the combined amount of dance class minutes.

Small EK-pass425€180-270 min / weeke.g. 3×90 min or 4×60 min
Medium EK-pass475€maximum 390 min / weeke.g. 2×90+2×75+60 min
Large EK-pass525€maximum 510 min / weeke.g. 2×90+2×75+3×60 min

General information on tuition fees

  • Autumn semester includes 16 weeks of teaching, spring semester 17 weeks.
  • Tuition fee is paid twice in an academic year.
  • Invoices are sent in September and in February, and they need to be paid by the expiration date.
  • At the time of registration the student can choose whether the invoice will be sent via email or post (postage fee 3€).
  • Study periods shorter than a semester will be charged according to the single class payment fee (15/20€ per class).
  • Individual missed classes can be substituted by attending an alternative class.


Membership discount

Tuition fees are 40€ lower for members of Jyväskylä Dance Association. You can become a member when registering for classes. The membership fee for one semester is 10€ and it is to be paid at the start of every semester (autumn, spring, summer).

Family discount

Tuition fees are 15€ lower for members of the same family. Family discount does not apply to dance passes, competition fees, half semester fees, or summer prices and it cannot be combined with student discounts.

Student discount

Students get a 30€ discount on tuition fees. Student discount does not apply to dance passes, competition fees, half semester fees, or summer prices and it cannot be combined with family discounts

A student is applicable for student discount if:

  • you are over 18 years old and live by yourself
  • study full time and without a salary in a university, in a university of applied sciences, or in any other higher education facility. A student card and a certificate of attendance need to be delivered to the office by 12.9 (autumn semester) or 30.1 (spring semester).

Senior discount

60+ classes have 20% lower fees. Other discounts cannot be included.

Special groups

Iloa Tanssista is a class for special groups. There is a 20% discount on tuition fees. Other discounts cannot be included.

Student financial aid

A student can apply for a free student pass or for partial financial aid by sending an informal application letter to Jyväskylä Dance Association. There are limited spots available. Application period 1.-31.8.

Practices for missed classes

  • Individual missed classes are to be substituted primarily within the ongoing semester.
  • Students can check their attendance rate on Hobiver.
  • Students can substitute classes either with same or lower level classes that have available spots.

Class changes

If you are unsure about classes, please ask the office for guidance.  

Cancelling or changing classes

If you wish to cancel your registration or drop out during the academic year, please notify the office via email  Oral notification to your teacher will not suffice.  

Rules of conduct

1.  Registration

Registration is to be done at Classes cannot be reserved. Registration is valid for the duration of the whole academic year, unless cancelled. Places are filled in the order of registration.

2. Cancelling registration and discontinuing studies

Studies can be cancelled by emailing the office. Oral notification will not suffice. Registration can be cancelled free of charge only after the first class. If cancelled later, the student is charged according to the single class fee (15€/class) and according to the number of classes taught thus far. In case a cancellation is made after the expiration date of the first payment, the payment will be charged in its entirety. Discontinuing studies will not warrant a refund. Participation for spring semester can be cancelled free of charge only before the start of the semester. If done later, the rules for cancellation are as stated above.

3. Class changes

A student can switch groups mid semester only if permitted by the teacher.Always notify the office via email about any changes made to your classes. Oral notification will not suffice.

4. Tuition fees

Tuition fees are charged twice during an academic year, in September and in February. Invoices are to be paid by the expiration date. Use the reference number. Only by separate agreement can tuition fees be paid in segments. In the case of late payments one payment request is sent after which any unpaid payments are put to dept collection. Unpaid tuition fees will cancel students right for studies. Workshops and summer courses are charged separately and require a separate registration. Jyväskylä Dance Association membership fee is 10€/semester, and it will be charged concomitantly with the tuition fees.

5. Practices for missed classes

A student can track their attendance rate on Hobiver. The teacher will mark student’s absence on Hobiver. Missed classes are not refunded. Missed classes can be substituted by attending an alternative class during the ongoing semester. Missed classes can be substituted in the following semester only if registered as student. The number of classes that can be substituted from past semester in the next semester is the number of classes that are paid for the new semester. Missed classes under the unlimited dance pass can only be substituted during the ongoing semester. In the case of a long-term medical condition, missed classes can be substituted at a later time.

6. Liability

Students are not insured by the dance institute, instead they are under their own voluntary leisure-time insurances. Teachers work under liability insurance that is in effect during classes. Teachers are responsible for the students only the duration of the class, not before or after. Please notify the teacher of any illnesses/conditions the teacher ought to be aware of. The institute is not responsible for lost items. Found items are kept in the dressing rooms for one semester.

7. Changes in schedule

In case of teacher’s sick leave, a substitute teacher is provided. Classes may be cancelled or moved to another time if a substitute teacher is not available. Students are informed of class changes via text message. Students have the right to substitute cancelled classes with an alternative class. The dance institute reserves the right to changes in curriculum and/or teachers. Remote online teaching may be used.    

8. Student announcement

Information and announcements are shared via email and text messages. Information on current events and matters is shared via a monthly bulletin. The student and/or guardian is responsible for keeping their contact information up to date. Students can edit their contact information on Hobiver. Information on current events and matters, and on the institute, is also found on the dance institute’s website. Handouts may be shared by the teacher in class. Class recommendations for the next academic year are sent out in August.

9. Student register privacy notice (in Finnish)

Privacy notice Tietosuojaseloste.

10.  Photo usage

The dance institute records student performances and class work for learning and promoting purposes. Videos and pictures may be used on Jyväskylä Dance Institute’s social media platforms and website as well as in teaching. Published material is carefully selected and we do not publish any inappropriate material, nor do we publish student’s personal information. Performance videos are recorded for sale. If a student wishes to prohibit photo usage, they must inform the institute via email at the start of every academic year. If a student prohibits recording, the student themself must make sure not to take part in filming situations and consider whether to participate in shows respectively. Participating in shows will cancel the photo usage prohibition. Recording performances is an essential part of expressive art.

11. General rules   

Classes require a minimum of 8 registered participants to be organised. Classes start and end according to the timetable. At the beginning of classes, teachers mark students as present or absent. Classes that have under 3 participants will be cancelled. Dressing rooms are open 15 minutes before the start of a class and after the last class of the day students have 15 minutes to exit the facilities. Students are to use appropriate indoor footwear and outfits in class and in the dressing rooms, outdoor shoes and clothes are to be left in the entrance hallway. Long hair is to be tied up. Chewing gum or other type of edibles and jewellery are not to be taken to a dance class. Please take any valuables and personal items with you in class, dressing rooms are not guarded.

Terms of Cancellation

Autumn semester

  • Students have one free try-out. After the first class, registration can be cancelled free of charge.

Spring semester

  • No later than 7.1.2023.
  • New students can try out a class one time for free. After the first class, registration can be cancelled free of charge.
  • In case a cancellation is made after the invoice has been sent but before the expiration date of the invoice, a student is charged according to the single class fee and based on the number of classes that have been taught thus far, regardless of the number of attendances in class.
  • The expiration date for the first payment of spring semester 2023 is 15.2.2023.

Summer semester

  • Participation for summer semester can be cancelled free of charge before the start of the semester.
  • The invoice must be paid in its entirety in case a cancellation if made after the start of the summer semester. 
  • The right for free cancellation does not apply to registrations made in the middle of the summer semester.

Short courses and workshops

  • Cancellations can be made free of charge up until 7 days before the start of a course.
  • Half of the course fee will be charged in case a cancellation is made 4 days before the start of the course.
  • A full price is charged in case a cancellation is made 0-3 days before the start of the course.
  • A free-of-charge cancellation is only possible due to medical circumstances and by providing a doctor’s certificate.

Jyväskylä Dance Association

Jyväskylä Dance Institution operates under the supervision of Jyväskylä Dance Association. The members of the board support and oversee the actions of the institution as well as regulate the finances. The association aims to ensure and maintain high quality dance art education and appropriate dance teaching facilities in Jyväskylä. Jyväskylä Dance Association is a non-profit organisation.


You can become a member of Jyväskylä Dance Association by paying the membership fee. The membership is personal and valid for one semester at a time (autumn, spring, or summer). The fee for one semester is 10€. As a member you support the work of Jyväskylä Dance Institution and regional art education.

All members are welcome to attend a yearly meeting to participate in decision making. Members under the age of 15 do not have voting right and cannot be selected to the board. Parents of students or communities can join the association by paying a 50€ membership fee or support the work of the association with a voluntary contribution.

Membership benefits

Members get a considerable discount on tuition fees. Autumn and spring semester fees are 40€ less for members. Summer semester prices are also lower for members. The membership and benefits are personal.

Facilities and other services

Our dance studios are located in the centre of Jyväskylä. Street parking and car parks can be found in the area. Our dance studios can be rented for private use.

We also offer:

  • private lessons for individuals and groups
  • birthday parties for children
  • bachelorette/bachelor parties
  • competition and performance choreographies
  • performances for events
  • costume rental

Please contact the office for more information. or 044 3699700 (on weekdays at 9-16).

Contact information

The Office

Vapaudenkatu 48-50 (ground floor)
tel. 044 36 99 700

office hours: weekdays 9-16

Our dance studios are located at Vapaudenkatu 48-50 and Kalervonkatu 8.

Mailing address:

Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto – Jyväskylän Tanssiyhdistys ry
Tuohitie 3